This year Sundance had 11,700 films sent in and selected 180. So that means that 11,520 films didn’t get selected. Including the movie that I made. I’m hopelessly biased and believe that my movie is a great movie and people should be able to see it. Unfortunately, as it didn’t get into Sundance how does anyone know that it’s out. I have a limited budget for marketing. I can’t afford to keep submitting it to other Film Festivals in the hope that it will get in. I’ve made a good low budget film that i think has an audience, but how do I find them? Then it occured to me that the other 11,000 Filmmakers might be a good place to look for finding my audience. What if there was a website like IMDB but for films that get rejected by Film Festivals. These films may even have IMDB listings, casts, directors, producers, trailers, websites and a desire to find an audience. SO what I needed was a cool place to list these movies on the Internet and get the word out to filmmakers to list there rejected Films so other Filmmakers and Producers can watch them. If enough people start watching these movie, maybe they can find audiences that want to download VOD’s or buy DVD’s or even go to organised screenings. This is where the Reject Film Cult Database comes in... and the you are here at or To submit is free send an email to with as much detail as you can and I will list it on the website. Once the site is up and running you will be able to login and upload your details in the same way as IMDB does and you will be able to search the website, there will be lists, news and reviews of movies and trailers on the website.

Reject Film Cult Database